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Three Ways to Make Your Home Cozier This Summer (Sellers this is especially for you)

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Wooden table on defocused summer window with flower pot backgroundWhen you think of a cozy home, your mind’s eye may conjure images of thick sweaters and crackling fires in a tiny little cottage. We automatically associate coziness with warmth (not heat, mind you, or Florida would be the coziest state in the union). During winter months it’s easy to achieve a sense of coziness, and thus intimacy, in your home. It is a refuge; simply stepping inside fills you with warmth. Family-filled holidays during winter months also add a sense of community and sanctuary.

In the summer, then, when you’d rather have the A/C blasting to keep you cool, how do you achieve a sense of warmth and coziness—a climate in your home that remains welcoming and inviting all year round? Particularly, if you’re staging a home to sell, this is important so that potential buyers feel at home the moment they walk in.

Practice the art of hygga (pronounced hoo-guh). In recent years, you’ve no doubt heard that the people of Denmark have ranked the happiest in the world—in three consecutive polls. One of the identifiable factors in their lives is a practice so intertwined with their daily lives and approach to living that it’s nearly innate: hygga.

While many have attempted to define hygga, it is a way of being more than a matter of definition. To create an atmosphere of closeness in your home is hygga. To take care in setting a table so that guests feel comfortable and welcome, rather than impressed, is hygga. Myriad ways exist to make your home a sanctuary; here are a few to implement during summer:

  1. Create aromas with your favorite simmer pot recipes.

Simmering your favorite spices, herbs, and fruits creates an irresistibly welcoming aroma. What’s more, it’s all natural, which is a cornerstone of hygga. For spring, load up on the citrus. One of our favorite simmering pot recipes is simply rosemary and lemon. A few slices of lemon and springs of rosemary produce a clean, crisp scent. Another great option is lime, mint, and ginger. Toss your selection into a small pot of water, then simmer on low.

  1. Adjust the mood with lighting.

How to use the art of hygga to stage your home.You wait all year to throw open the windows and let in natural light. By all means, brighten your home with sunshine. But in the evenings, turn down the lights. Use lamps and natural candles that create soft, round shadows. Hygge advocates the use of candles or lanterns as often as possible. The live flame speaks to a primal comfort.

  1. Keep fresh flowers, herbs, or plants inside

Hygga is really about being present. And what better way to remind ourselves of the privilege of life, growth, and daily persistence than plants in bloom? Few things provide as much pleasure as a bouquet of fresh flowers or a small pot of herbs. Keep them on your nightstand, beside the bath, or at an entry point. This serves as a simple reminder that each day, albeit temporal, is a special occasion.

To find the perfect home in which you can hygga, reach out to your RE/MAX Southern agent today.

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