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6If you follow the real estate market, you are probably already aware of the condition. The market is hot at the moment, titled in favor of sellers. Less competition and inventory combined with increased prices could leave you wondering if now is the time to list my Destin home for sale.

Should you decide to enter the market, one of the first orders of business will be sprucing up the place to help smooth the transition between “FOR SALE” and “SOLD.” A good first impression can often be the deciding factor. Take the necessary steps to make sure your lawn is manicured and your front door is freshly painted, or at least freshly scrubbed. Your goal should be to make the buyer want to see more.

That said, do not neglect the interior of your home. Simple things such as furniture arrangement and clutter will go a long way in a buyer’s perception of a home. So, remove those dust collectors and organize your closets because a clean and open space can be make a difference between a house that sells and one that sits.

Little touches can go a long way in improving your home’s showing condition. The key thing to remember is to create a space with a broad general appeal.

To make sure your home is in tip-top showing condition, visit our tips for sellers or contact a RE/MAX Southern agent today. 

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