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Tis the Season for Home Selling

Posted on October 4, 2014

iStock_000018780863SmallSeptember 23 marked the beginning of the fall season, but that does not mean you should scrap your plans for selling your home this year. The thought has always been once summer rolls out and school begins, that families are settled and less inclined to move. The truth is, October, November and December can actually be good months to sell for a few reasons.

Number one – buyers are still out there. A serious buyer never stops looking for a home, even during the holidays. According to Zillow, buyers in the early winter months are even more motivated to buy than the warmer months because there is less to be distracted by.

Speaking of distractions, there seems to be less competition in the markets because people believe the adage that sales slow from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day. Let those homeowners hibernate and take advantage of a market with less inventory.

What we have here is a Destin real estate market with less inventory and motivated buyers, doesn’t that sound like a good time to sell?

Ultimately, each situation is unique and it is important to remember to buy or sell when you are ready. If you are interested in more information about when to buy and how to sell your home, contact Brad at 850-269-9999.

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