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Two Real Estate Tools You’re Not Using (But Should Be)

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Tools for Realtors to stay on top of trends

With rapidly changing technology, new tools to help real estate agents emerge almost daily. Every now and then, a couple of resources come along that are actual game-changers. Drawbotics and Blend are two such tools. Find out how you can use them to build relationships and increase conversions.

  1. Blend

Real Estate is about relationships as much as it is about supply and demand. Once a lead has converted to a customer, it’s important to keep the relationship in good standing. Whether or not a customer needs a local realtor in the future, they’ll recommend you (or not) based on the rapport you established. Enter Blend Campaign. Blend is an automated service that helps you to coordinate a “missed call” voicemail and a postcard every season. Choose one holiday each season, plus your customer’s birthday, and Blend automates the postcard and voicemail. You pre-record the voicemail (Hey, this is John with RE/MAX Southern Realty, just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and hope you’re enjoying your new home’s pool!). And the postcard contains a handwritten—well, a font that looks like handwritten—note. In fact, for $500 you can create a font based on your handwriting, or use to create yours for free. The arrival of the post card and voicemail together boost personal outreach. Plus, personal follow-up results in a five-times return on your spend.

  1. Drawbotics

Research and realtors agree: selling an unfurnished home is a greater challenge. Staged homes sell faster. While the realtor and even the seller may have vision for an empty home, you cannot count on the buyer’s vision. Buyers want to see what the home can be—right on display. It helps them imagine living in the home with their own furnishings. When a professional staging experience isn’t feasible, consider Drawbotics. Without question, Drawbotics is one of the coolest tools to hit the real estate market in years. Their products allow you to show homes for sale with digital restyling. Services include an interactive floor plan, photo editing, restyling, 3D interior, 3D exterior, and 3D floor plan. The restyling service allows you to take a photo of the room, and they digitally decorate it (think HGTV) so you can share it with potential buyers. Plus, restyling starts at less than $50!

For Destin and Panama City Beach realtors who use the latest technology to provide buyers and sellers the best experience, count on RE/MAX Southern Realty.

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