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Using Your Tax Refund at Home

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paintersHave you already filed your taxes and find yourself anxiously awaiting Uncle Sam’s return? If that’s the case, you have probably spent a few hours contemplating the different ways to spend your refund. We have a suggestion though. Have you considered putting the money to good use and investing it into your recently purchased Northwest Florida real estate? 

Before you say that’s too expensive, check out these relatively inexpensive home improvement ideas that can add value to your home. 

Update Kitchen Features – You don’t have to remodel the entire kitchen to give it a new look. You would be surprised to find what a new faucet and knobs can do to give your home an updated feel. 

Upgrade the Front Door – If we haven’t said it before, curb appeal is everything. According to’s annual “Cost vs. Value” report, replacing the front door of your home could recoup more than 90 percent of the cost. 

Adding Some Greenery – While you are outside replacing the front, add some foliage to enhance your property’s overall look. 

If home improvements aren’t for you, there are a few other great ways to put your tax refund to use for your home. You could make an additional mortgage payment to help trim years off your loan.

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