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What to Expect at Your Closing

Posted on August 28, 2013

iStock_000018477573MediumYou’ve finally purchased real estate on the Gulf Coast. Congratulations! You have survived the house hunt, bidding process, supplied your lender with everything imaginable and have come to the finish line. Now what?

The closing of your home loan is undoubtedly the most exciting process of purchasing a home. Whether it is your first or fifth, nothing quite replaces it. And, thankfully, not many surprises should be waiting for you if you have made it this far. So, what should you expect? First, you will get to walk your new home one more time to ensure everything is in order and as the sales contract stipulates. Next, you are off to the title company to close. Be sure you bring official identification, such as your driver’s license or passport. Also, you will need to supply an cashier’s check for your down payment and any closing costs you will be paying. Generally, proof of insurance has already been provided, but check with your lender to be sure all is in order before heading to the table.

Next, sign, sign, sign! There are various forms and documents that both seller and buyer will need to complete to finish the transaction, including  mortgage documents, title documents and more. After that, take your keys, grab your boxes and move in to your new home!

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